Mimbres Fever Productions proudly announces the release of a new documentary exploring the
power and beauty of Columbia River Native American culture. Faithful To Continuance
weaves together exquisite artifacts with interviews from six exceptional Plateau artists
and one Treaty Fisherman.

Elizabeth Woody

"The sound of water tells the story well, in the sheen of river stone, a song is prevalent, faithful to continuance, the purity is a nuance, the memory, this certain way." Elizabeth reads from "Luminaries Of The Humble" and "Seven Hands, Seven Hearts", two books of poetry and verse on Plateau culture.

Lillian Pitt

Lillian brings to life the spirit of her Ancestors. Motivated by rock art images along the Columbia River, she produces large scale metal sculpture as well as fine jewelry that reflects the 10,000 year tradition and beauty of her People. "Seeing the image of "She Who Watches" was a very profound moment for me because it let me know exactly who I am and it gave me a sense of power no one can remove from me."

Maynard White-Owl Lavadour
Beadwork Artist

Maynard is carrying forward the traditional Plateau art forms he learned from his Grandmothers. He is an outstanding beadwork artist and a dedicated teacher of all aspects of traditional Plateau culture.
"It’s something that I hold very special to me, being born into a family of very knowledgeable elders in all aspects of our traditional life."

Elaine Timentwa Emerson
Basket Weaver

Elaine is a well-respected artist and teacher of cedar bark basket weaving. "When I was growing up, we were not allowed to speak our language, we were punished. I think that’s what made me do the baskets. Also, I make baskets because I want people to know....we’re still here."

Joe Feddersen
Print Artist

Joe creates exquisite contemporary prints inspired by Plateau basketry and landscapes. "My work is about the quality of light and the feel of the landscape." Joe is also a very creative basket maker. He teaches at Evergreen State College.

Pat Courtney Gold
Wasco Basket Weaver

Pat is restoring the art of Wasco basket weaving. With advice from elders in her community and guidance from basketmaker and writer Mary Schlick, she has relearned the art of full-turn twining. "My feeling of well being and happiness goes into this basket. It has part of my spirit in it...
my hope is that it will out live me."

Clifford Shippentower
Treaty Fisherman

"It's our cultural identity really....the salmon are. Everything revolves around the salmon. We use it for ceremonial purposes, for memorials, funerals, namings. We pretty much get our nutrition from the fish, we get our strength from the salmon".

Narrated by
Vivian Harrison Stu Yat (pictured)

and Eugene Herrod

Through their eyes, we learn the ways of their ancestors and see the workings of a unique culture.

Faithful To Continuance is the fourth video in a series on Native American Culture, produced and distributed by Mimbres Fever Productions.

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